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Our COVID-19 Patient Journey

During these unprecedented times we are unable to open for routine treatments for the time being. However we have liaised with the CQC and following the guidance of the CDO we are able to offer face-to-face urgent dental care.

Registered patients can access this service by calling the on-call dentist. Non registered patients can call the reception team between the hours of 9am – 11am Monday-Friday.

You will be assessed remotely by the on-call dentist. A system has been set up with the local Buckden Pharmacy for sending prescriptions remotely, and you may be able to get a delivery service direct to your door.
We will manage each patient’s condition with as little intervention as possible to minimise exposure risk. If you cannot be treated with advice, analgesia and antimicrobial means; a risk assessment will be conducted which reflects the treatment options offered to you. Your COVID 19 status (and those of your the household) will be checked as part of the risk assessment. Depending on your individual risk assessment, we can refer you to an NHS Urgent Dental Hub or alternatively we may be able to offer you an appointment at the practice if you prefer.

If you wish to be seen at the practice:

  1. We will be allocate you an appointment time and ask that on arrival you wait in the car park, preferably be contactable by mobile telephone. Reception team will then contact you to confirm your arrival and issue you further instructions. Please attend alone unless necessary such as a child attending with a parent or adults requiring assistant/support. Leave any unnecessary items in your car (e.g. coats and bags).
  2. Only one patient will be admitted into the practice at any one time, with the main entrance door being locked from the inside to prevent the entry of other patients and delivery personnel. Excess equipment and furniture has been removed from all areas where possible to minimise contamination and ease cleaning.
  3. Your will be greeted by the car park entrance by one of our dental nurses, wearing appropriate PPE. You will be asked to use and alcohol hand rub provided and your temperature checked with a contactless thermometer. You will be asked to put on a face mask and protective eye wear, and you will be given a sealable plastic bag. You will need to place your face mask into the bag during your treatment, and put it back on when the treatment is finished.
  4. The nurse will direct you to the handwashing facilities and then escort you to the surgery. Outside the surgery will be a plastic box where you can place any belongings before entering the surgery.
  5. The dentist and a different dental nurse will greet you inside the surgery, wearing the appropriate PPE.
  6. You will be asked to rinse out your mouth with 1% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash for one minute. Please spit the mouthwash back into the cup rather than the dental spittoon as this reduces the risk of splatter.
  7. The dentist and dental nurse will carry out the simplest appropriate treatment to get you out of pain. Aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) are avoided where possible and aerosol dispersal is minimised with the use of high-volume suction, isovac suction and rubber dam.
  8. When the treatment is complete you will be greeted at the surgery door by the first nurse who welcomed you into the practice, and escorted to reception if a payment or future booking is required. If none is required you will be escorted back to the car park exit where you can use the handwashing faculties again before leaving the practice.
  9. Please report to the practice if you develop any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 within the next 14 days of you attending the practice. Reception team will also follow this up with a phone call.

We will explain this all to you when you arrive. These protocols may be revised over time in accordance with the changing CDO guidance.

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