New 3D Imaging Scanner to Benefit Patients & Dentists

The state of the art imaging machine allows dentists to fit dental implants with unrivalled accuracy and can also be extremely useful in the diagnosis and treatment of problems with the tooth roots and wisdom teeth.

This 3D  scanner will make a huge difference to the practice, especially for patients who are interested in dental implant treatment, as the scanner allows dentists to visualize the treatment process and locate the site of the implant with pinpoint accuracy. The CT scanner generates 3D images, unlike traditional X-rays and this makes it easier for dentists to locate the best places to site the implant.

The 3D scanner will also enhance the overall treatment experience for the patient, as well as increasing accuracy and reducing the risk of complications. The CT scanner will also have a range of other uses, including the removal of impacted teeth, diagnostics, orthodontics, root canal treatment and investigation of joint problems.

[call_to_action_small title=”We accept dental referrals for our 3D Scanner.” excerpt=”We return images back to the referring dentists upon completion.” buttonText=”Download Referral Form Now →” buttonUrl=”” buttonNewWindow=”true” buttonType=”fancy” buttonCorners=”rounded” /]

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