Mouth Guards

Play Safe with Custom Made Mouth Guards

“No other item of protective equipment is more effective in reducing injury to football players than a mouth guard.”

Journal of the American Dental Association



 Mouth Guard Benefits

  • Allow you to breathe freely and communicate effectively.
  • Are comfortable, enabling you to concentrate and play confidently.
  • All mouth guards are available in many colours. All safe, containing no cadmium or heavy metals.
  • Each mouth guard comes with protective case and has name and number inside mouth guard.
  • Recommended for children wearing orthodontic bands.
  • Are one of best protective mouth guards available.

A wide range of custom made mouth guards are available for all sports such as Boxing, Rugby, Football, Athletics and Hockey.

At Buckden Dental, we are dedicated to making the highest quality mouth guards to ensure you receive the best possible protection for your active lifestyle. We provide comfort and durability at a cost-effective price for each individual patient.

Custom Mouthguards FAQ

Additionally referred to as gumshields, a Mouth Guard is a flexible 'device' which is worn in sport and recreational events to protect teeth from distress. Dentists unanimously agree in the use of mouthguards in a selection of sporting activities.

A Mouth Guard could protect against significant traumas such as jaw cracks, broken teeth, and neck injuries by helping to prevent situations where the lower jaw gets slammed against the upper jaw. Mouth Guards work by moving soft tissue in the mouth away from the teeth, preventing laceration and wounding of the lips and cheeks, particularly for those wearing orthodontic devices.

In any sporting activity where there is a higher chance of contact with various other players or tough surfaces, we would certainly suggest that a Mouth Guard is used.

Players that take part in martial arts, soccer, rugby, or similar recreational sports such as skateboarding, should in fact use Mouth Guards while competing.


There are two kinds of mouth-formed Mouth Guards. The very first is a shell-liner mouthguard that is made with an acrylic material that is poured into an external layer, where it forms a lining. When put in the person's mouth, the protector's lining material molds to the teeth and is permitted to establish.


The more usual kind is a thermoplastic, or "boil-and-bite," Mouth Guard. This Mouth Guard is steeped in hot water then positioned in the mouth and forms around the teeth by utilizing the finger, tongue and at times biting tension.

Attaining a great fit is extremely difficult with this kind of Mouth Guard many agree that the Mouth Guard is unretentive and unfortunately not very comfortable.

Buckden Dental Customised Mouth Guards.

The Better Alternative are Customized Mouth Guards: At SpireDental we take impressions of the patient's teeth which is then sent to our lab to be custom made by our skilled technicians. These customised mouthguards provide the best security, fit and comfort level because it is made from a mould to specifically fit your teeth.

  • Clean your Mouth Guard by washing it with soap and cool (not boiling or warm) water.
  • Before storing away, soak your Mouth Guard in mouthwash.
  • Keep your mouthguard in a well-ventilated area when not in use. We provide plastic storage boxes free with your mouthguard. If you do not have a storage boox for your mouthguard use a storage box that has several holes so the Mouth Guard will easily dry.
  • Heat can have a negative effect on a Mouth Guard, so do not leave it in direct sunlight or in a warm place like a car or beside a radiator!
  • Do not over flex or bend your Mouth Guard when storing.

A custom sports guard is made from a dental impression of your teeth will fit every contour of your unique dental anatomy. It will not fall out.

The stock sports guard types are standard one size fits all that are mass produced in a factory somewhere and lack the ability to conform to your teeth.

The boil & bite sports guard is a step up from the stock ones because you are able to boil the plastic in water & somewhat conform it to your teeth however the fit will not be as good as a custom guard. There is a good chance your boil & bite sports guard will slide around while you are playing sport.

  1. This presents a couple of problems. First, recent studies have indicated that if a plastic appliance is not snapped in & truly fitted to your teeth, you may have the desire to chew on the plastic when its in place.
  2. Another problem is comfort. Often people that have tried the boil & bite sports guards complain that they are uncomfortably because they are still “bulky” and just plain “uncomfortable”. Lastly, the quality of the material in both the stock & boil & bite guard is well.........cheap. If you put much force on this cheap plastic, you’re going to grind through it pretty quickly.

The price of these boil & bite guards ranges from about £10.

For just £65 you can get a professional custom fit sports guard from us and the material we use is FDA approved, top of the line, dentist grade dental material and offer you many benefits:



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