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Local Business used as Training Venue.

Buckden Dental was extremely pleased to have their Buckden Surgery chosen as a training venue by the international aesthetics company Skin Vision Technologies who are based in Germany.

Skin & Vision is a multispecialty medical technology driven company that develops and manufactures devices for medical aesthetics and ophthalmology. S&V is located near Berlin and was founded in 2007. The company has a strong commitment to research and development of novel biomaterials.which has led to the development of the Amalian Hyaluronic acic sysytem which has specific characteristic that make them superior to conventional dermal filers in may aspects.The training was provided by S &V Internationsl Proffesional clinical trainer Marie Engman who has worked with them since 2007. Marie has been working as an independent Clinical Trainer in the field of aesthetic dermatology with more than 20 years of experience and is a Specialist for the applications of derma fillers.

Principal dentist at the practice, Dr Georgina O’Callaghan commented: ‘This was a honour for the practice to be chosen as a training venue and we look forward to repeating this again as the company and all the delegates from throughout the country were impressed with the facility’s that the surgery offer’

Buckden itself is also ideally located with the A1 and local rail stations on its doorstep.

Buckden Dental has always offered facial rejuvenation but will now be able to offer a wider range of treatment options using the Amalian range of products which will include, fine lines reduction, skin rejuvenation, moderate and deeper wrinkles reduction and lip volume augmentation.

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