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L-PRF Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

One of the biggest challenges when replacing teeth is that often the area where the tooth has been removed can often suffer from bone loss as part of the normal healing process.

Dental implants require a good bone foundation. Traditionally we would have used artificial materials or take bone from a different part of your body (such as the hip or chin) to graft onto the jaw where the bone is insufficient. We would then have to wait many months for this bone graft to heal before placing the implants.

This bone grafting is complex treatment with a high risk of post-operative complications.

We have now introduced and new innovative implant and grafting system that allows us to preserve the bone using your own body cells.

What is L-PRF?

L-PRF (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin) is derived from your own blood.

Your own blood is drawn up onto test tubes which are then placed inside a centrifuge machine and spun at high speed.

This process separates the different particles of your blood.

The plasma rich in growth cells is separated out and applied to the treatment area.

Because this material is of your own body cells the healing process is remarkably quicker. All patients can benefit from this treatment.

What is L-PRF used for?

L-PRF can be used for a range of treatments including….

  1. Tooth Extractions – the L-PRF is placed inside the tooth socket after extraction and helps speed up the healing process. It also helps sustain the bone levels, reducing the need for bone grafting which can be costly and complicated. This can be particular useful if you are a smoker as you would be at a higher risk of post-operative complications such as a ‘dry socket’.


  1. Dental Implants – the L-PRF can be used in two different ways during the implant procedure…
    1. If there are defects in your bone the L-PRF can be mixed with synthetic bone granules to create what is called ‘sticky bone’. This ‘bone grafting material’ can then be used to build up any defects in your bone.
    2. Sometimes when placing synthetic bone a membrane is also required to keep that synthetic bone in the correct area.

The L-PRF can be ‘flattered’ and used as a membrane rather than using a synthetic system.

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