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Our practice is committed to offer high standards of care and service to our patients. It is important that patients give feedback about their experiences, so that we know what we as a dental service are doing well and where we can improve.

If you are not happy with the treatment or service you have had, it is best to tell us directly and we will make best endeavors to deal with any dissatisfaction promptly and courteously and learn from our mistakes.

If you do make a formal complaint, you will receive an initial acknowledgement from the practice manager within three working days. Our designated complaints officer is Linda Tanner.

We will make every effort to fully investigate the issue within ten working days. If there is a delay in investigation we will notify the patient about it, giving the reasons and the likely date for its completion.

We will keep comprehensive records and will inform the patient of the outcome of the investigation. It is our goal to offer the best solution, as we never want to have unhappy patients.

If you had private dental treatment:

  1. The quickest and simplest way to resolve the problem is to contact the practice, and we may be able to sort it out there and then. If an informal approach doesn’t solve the problem, ask for a copy of the complaints procedure.
  2. If you have already made a formal approach to the practice, and the problem has not been resolved, you can contact the Dental Complaints Service (DCS).

The DCS provides a free and impartial service to help private dental patients and dental professionals to settle complaints about private dental care fairly and efficiently.

The DCS can deal with your complaint if you would like an apology, a refund or a contribution to the cost of further treatment. They cannot deal with claims for compensation, or with complaints about dental plans.

If your private treatment was through a dental plan, you should contact your plan provider as they will have a complaints process.

If you have safety concerns about a dentist or practice:

If the problem is so serious that you think the dental professional could be a risk to other patients, you should contact the General Dental Council (GDC), which regulates dental professionals in the UK. If the issue is serious enough, the GDC can stop individual dentists from practising. The GDC does not get involved in complaints that are being managed locally. It does not resolve complaints or award compensation.

If the problem is so serious that you think the care provided at the practice could be a risk to other patients, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) would like to know about it. CQC cannot investigate individual complaints, but its inspectors use information when they inspect services to make sure that they are meeting quality and safety standards.

Where to get help with your complaint:

If you need further advice, you can contact Citizens Advice who provides information and advice about making complaints.



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