Derma Fillers

As skin ages, both naturally and because of other factors such as sun damage, smoking, and poor diet, we lose collagen, fat and other natural moisturising substances from our skin. These can be thought of as the natural ‘scaffolding’ that keeps it looking young and feeling firm. With less of these, our skin becomes thinner and we start to see lines, wrinkles and folds developing. This is usually more noticeable on our faces.


By adding volume to the cheeks and lips, the former youthful facial fullness can be restored and enhanced thereby lessening the signs of ageing.

Using specific thicker consistency derma fillers, we can restore the lost facial volume and provide skin structure and elasticity. Derma fillers are smooth injectable gels made from a natural complex sugar called hyaluronic acid. This is found naturally in human skin and helps with skin hydration by attracting and holding water molecules.

Treatment Areas:

The most commonly treated areas include:

  • Softening and erasing lines and wrinkles
  • Cheek enhancement
  • Nose correction
  • Chin enhancement
  • Replace soft-tissue volume loss in the face
  • Scar correction




The results are visible immediately.


Due to the subjective nature of the procedure; is it not possible to guarantee results. Longevity of treatment results may also vary between individuals. Patients can react differently to the same treatment.

Results and Longevity:

Over time, the filler is gradually reabsorbed without a trace. For this reason, follow up treatments are needed to maintain your results at 6 to 12 month intervals. The amount of Dermal filler used during your treatment depends on the desired correction.


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