Denplan Care

With Denplan Care your fixed monthly payments help you to budget for regular, affordable preventive dental care, without the fear of costly and unexpected bills.

For an affordable monthly payment, Denplan Care provides regular, preventive dental care and is designed to offer long- term oral health care for as long as you remain a member.

What Does Denplan Cover?

Our current Denplan charges are listed below. Every practice sets its own Denplan charges. At Buckden Dental we pride ourselves on offering the best price in the area. As a guide, most patients fall into category B.

Dental Fees
















* Optional Supplementary Insurance on all plans + 60p Terms & Conditions Apply

How do I contact Denplan?

Denplan is the UK’s leading dental health care company. With Denplan Care your fixed monthly payments help you to budget for regular, affordable preventive dental care, without the fear of costly and unexpected bills.

The support that Denplan Practice Teams receive from Denplan, means that they can spend more time with individual patients and concentrate on developing a good oral health routine.

How does Denplan Care work?

After an initial assessment, patients are placed into one of five fee categories set by the dentist. Denplan collects the monthly payment by Direct Debit from the patient and after allowing for an administration fee, pays the dentist. The monthly payment entitles the Denplan patient to all regular treatment and advice needed to maintain oral health. This includes x-rays and fillings where necessary.

What does Denplan Care Cover?

Patients only pay extra for laboratory fees and prescriptions.

  • More time with the dentist. You benefit from having the treatment you need not the treatment you can afford.
  • No worries about large unexpected bills, to encourage regular attendance.
  • All normal routine dental care including check-ups, fillings, x-rays and preventive care.
  • Preventive care, including help with avoiding gum disease and tooth decay, scaling and polishing, fluoridation, dietary and other preventive advice.
  • Visit to the hygienist when necessary, scale and polish and dietary advice.
  • All necessary treatment, including white fillings where necessary.
  • Work involving laboratories, (crowns and bridges), the time with the Denplan member dentists is covered, so the patient only pays the laboratory costs.
  • Access to Denplan’s nation-wide 24 hour emergency helpline. A 24 hour telephone helpline is provided by Denplan for immediate assistance in case of dental emergencies outside normal surgery hours, providing peace of mind.

What doesn’t Denplan cover?

Denplan does not cover:

  • Any referrals to a specialist, this will include Implants, Orthodontic treatment and referrals for wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Treatment deemed for cosmetic needs only. Eg: Tooth whitening.

I need treatment. Is it wise to join Denplan?

Denplan Care is a maintenance plan. The patient is only accepted onto Denplan after they are Dentally fit. All treatment necessary will have to be completed before registration.

I wish to register on Denplan. What do I do?

Our practice will carry out a dental assessment that will also cover aspects of your oral health. Guided by this initial assessment your dentist will then establish your monthly Denplan Care payment. The amount of existing dental work determines the category.

This payment will be collected monthly by direct debit by Denplan and paid to your dentist. There is also a one-off registration charge, which is equal to one month’s fee, which is collected with your first monthly payment. You then enter into a straightforward continuing care contract with your dentist.

I am already with Denplan but wish to transfer. What do i do?

You should to inform your current Dentist of the change. He will examine you and provide a leaving assessment. Our practice will examine you and determine your category, at which point you can re-register.

A new direct debit mandate needs to be completed. Please remember to cancel your other mandate. This cannot be done automatically.

I have Denplan through work, is this the same?

Corporate Dental plans are different. They are essentially an Insurance plan. You will be treated as a private patient and are liable for the practice charges.

Denplan will reimburse these charges. Please bring in your form for the Dentist to sign, and remember to collect your invoice.




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