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At Buckden Dental Clinic we love to see children smile too! Our aim is for the kids at our practice to grow up with great teeth and the knowledge to help them keep their teeth for life.

We place great emphasis on making visits to the dentist relaxed, fun and friendly by using a range of techniques such as ‘rides in the dental chair’ and being careful not to ‘show’ children any of the equipment which may frighten them. We hold special fun days dedicated to children throughout the year during school holidays and visit the local nurseries around the area.

We encourage children to come for a check up and meet the dentists, nurses and Oral Hygiene Instructors who can give tips on diet and tooth brushing.  We recommend that children should visit as early as possible, watching parents and siblings helps to build up a trusting relationship with the team.

Appropriate dental care for children can prevent dental problems later on in life. Children may benefit from painless preventive treatment such as fluoride applications and fissure sealants, which can be carried out successfully from a young age. We routinely polish children’s teeth at their exam appointments where they are able to choose the ‘flavour’ themselves (we even have chocolate cake flavour ssssshhh!)

Good tooth brushing from a young age helps to reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. It is possible for children to grow up ‘filling free’ with the right care and support on prevention through diet and oral hygiene.

We understand that treatment can be daunting for some children (and parents too!). When fillings are unavoidable we make every effort to help our young patients accept treatment comfortably and with confidence.

Top Tooth brushing Tips!

  • Start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as the first milk tooth erupts (usually at around 6 months, but it can be earlier or later).
  • Supervise and help in your child’s tooth-brushing until they are at least seven years old.
  • Brush teeth twice daily, last thing at night and on one other occasion for about 2 minutes with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste containing toothpaste containing between 1,350ppm and 1,500ppm fluoride (check label). You only need to use a small pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • Spit out after brushing and don’t rinse – if you rinse, the fluoride won’t work as well to protect your child’s teeth.
  • Change your child’s toothbrush once every three months
  • Avoid brushing for about one hour after drinking acidic drinks.
  • Brushing for two-minutes can seem like a long time, you can use timers to show your child how long to keep brushing for. Alternately visit Colgate Two Minute Tales on your phone or tablet, choose a tale to read to your child whilst they are brushing their teeth!

Top Dietary Tips!

  • Try to limit sugar foods and drinks to meal times only
  • Avoid consuming sugary food and drink more than 4-5 times a day
  • Be aware of the acid content of drinks, especially carbonated and fruit based drinks. Cola based drinks are especially acidic. Frequent consumption can cause both decay and tooth erosion. Avoid sipping or swishing the drink around your mouth. Drinking through a straw may help to reduce tooth erosion.
  • Milk or water is best to drink between meals.
  • Try to keep snaking between meals to a minimum.
  • Sugar fee smacks are best (e.g. carrots, peppers, breadsticks and cheese). Fresh fruit is an important part of the diet and you should try to each at least five portions of fruit or vegetables per day, but try to avoid frequent consumption of acidic fruits (citrus fruits, apples) and fruit juices between meals.
  • Sugar based mints and chewing gum can cause decay. If you like mins and/or chewing gum then choose a sugar free version as these are safe for teeth.
  • Any medications taken should be sugar free whenever possible.

Contact us today to discuss your child’s first steps to a great smile.



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