Big Summer Brush-Up Challenge

This summer the team at Buckden Dental are helping families to take on the Big Summer Brush-Up challenge.

Over July and August, we’re challenging families to focus on their brushing habits for a six week period. This is to help ensure your children are brushing thoroughly for two minutes, twice a day.

We’ve got lots of handy tips from Denplan’s Little Book of Healthy Smiles to ensure they’re brushing correctly, as well as ideas to make brush time fun! By the end of the six week period, we hope your children will be enthusiastic about brushing and be brushing thoroughly each day.

Ready to take part?

  1. Download our Little Book of Healthy Smiles – full of brushing tips and dental advice
  2. Download and print a Brushing Chart for your child
  3. Pick a six week period between July and August that suits your family to do your Big Summer Brush-Up challenge. (You may find it easier to do this when your children break up from school for the holidays).
  4. Ensure your child brushes for two minutes twice a day, and fill in their brushing charts every morning and night for six weeks

Our Oral Hygiene Instructor, Jenny Cook will be running clinics throughout the summer along with a toothbrush amnesty! She will be replacing your existing toothbrushes for new ones for FREE, and raising awareness of good brushing techniques!

Please contact the practice if you wish to book an appointment to see her.

Have fun brushing!

Offer runs from 1st July – 31st August 2016.

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