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Making Life Easier

At Buckden Dental Clinic we are fully committed making life easier in accessing dental care. We are always listening to our patients, their carers, and visitors for feedback on how we can improve access to our services. It is not always apparent that somebody may experience difficulties accessing our services and we ask those individuals to make us aware so that we can make an adjustment to ensure we are inclusive in every aspect of what we do at Buckden Dental Clinic.

Our Commitment to you is to listen, help when it is asked for and to make any changes where possible to assist your access to dental care. Your Commitment to us is to ask for help when you need it and to tell us how we can improve.

Physical Difficulties

Our practice is ground floor only, so all patients are able to access all areas of the practice. The practice has been designed to help with wheelchair access with wide corridors and doorways as well as large surgeries with plenty of room to manoeuvre. We have a fully equipped disabled. There is a dedicated car park at the back of the practice with close proximity to the entrance door. There is also a buzzer to use if you need extra assistance.

Once you are ready to leave the practice, and should you require a taxi, please just ask a member of staff and they will be happy to call one for you.

Hearing Impairment

We have a hearing loop available should you require it to make sure that we can communicate effectively with everyone. We will provide any information in a written format for you to read at your leisure.

Impaired Vision

For those who have some vision impairment, we have a variety of different strength reading glasses available on reception if you have forgotten your own. All our practice forms such as medical history, estimates and consent forms are also available in large bold print font if you wish. Alternatively, if you require assistance a member of staff will be happy to help you in completing any necessary paperwork.

Caring For Patients With Dementia

All our staff have received training in caring for patients with dementia and we are proud to be members of the local Dementia Friends.

We will always try to ensure your care is completed by the same dental team (dentist, nurse and hygienist) that you are familiar with.  We are all trained and aware of the Mental Capacity Act and will work with you and your carers to ensure appropriate care.


All our staff have had extensive training so we have a better understanding of your individual needs. We have a separate quiet space waiting area if you would like to use it.

There are cards available in the waiting room which read as a story to explain what to expect during an appointment. We understand that autism does vary and if you have a known ‘trigger’ please let us know so we can make your appointments as stress-free as possible.

Nervous And Phobic Patients

We understand no one likes dentistry, but we will try to make your visit as pleasant as possible. All our clinicians are trained in techniques that will help you overcome your fears and are able to ease the fears of our younger patients.

Mental Health

All our staff have undertaken extensive training in mental health and the huge variety of experiences and symptoms this entails.  We will be non-judgemental and try to be understanding to help you access your dental care in a way that suits you.

Recall Reminders

We offer a choice of text to mobile, email, postal letter or phone calls to help remind of all appointments. Just let Reception know which is most appropriate for you. We have recently increased the number of reminders sent out so all patients will receive a reminder four weeks in advance of their appointment as well as four days in advance.


For those whose first language is not English, we are able to offer the services of a language interpreter. There is a charge for this service.

Domiciliary Care

Due to increasing regulatory restrictions, we are at present unable to offer any additional domiciliary care or home visits.

Any Other Concerns

If you have any other concerns on accessing dental care or if we can improve our service please email or speak to one of the Reception team.



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