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3D Imaging Buckden Dental

Gendex DP 700 Scanner

The state of the art imaging machine allows dentists to fit dental implants with unrivalled accuracy.
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We accept dental referrals for our 3D Scanner.

We return images back to the referring dentists upon completion.

Dentistry is constantly evolving and over the past 5 years one of the biggest leaps in technology comes from imaging which is taken in the dental practice.

At Buckden Dental Clinic we have acquired a state of the art 2D/CBCT Scanner developed by one of the leading dental imaging companies in the world GENDEX, known for its reliable, innovative imaging equipment, and which offers a wide variety of solutions for both general dentists and specialists.
The company’s strong history in x-ray manufacturing, along with a deep dedication to deliver products that exceed the needs of dental professionals, have earned Gendex recognition as a global leader.

The Gendex DP-700 gives clinicians dependable image capture of a wide variety of radiographs. These images are valuable for diagnosis and treatment planning of caries, root investigation, orthodontics, implants, and other surgical procedures, as well as patient education in both 2D panoramic and 3D CBCT scans.
What can we offer?

Panoral Panoramic Image


The GXDP-700’s panoramic imaging includes a wide variety of projections, including bitewing and TMJ, to expand your radiographic capabilities. Other projections consist of orthogonals, frontal dentition, and sinus, and most views also allow for the selection of either right or left exposures. With an automated 2D/3D sensor exchange, two sensors that rotate to capture both 3D and panoramic, clinicians merely press a button to switch from taking 3D images to 2D panoramic projections for a lower targeted dose to the patient.

3D View


With both Full arch and targeted sectional scanning a CBCT scan can be achieved in the perfect location to suit the patient’s anatomy giving both accuracy of imaging and dose reduction by only imaging and exposing what you want to see.
The scanner offers an 8cm wide scan for full arch cases, allowing for a scan big enough to cover the full dental arch but small enough to minimise the reporting area to avoid areas such as the TMJ and spine. As well as the option to have a 4cm scan cover a section of the dentition of interest for smaller cases.



The Gendex Dp700 boasts one of the highest special resolutions on the market today with images being captured from a standard 0.3mm (300 microns) to an impressive 0.133 mm of detail. Due to this detail it opens the imaging up to other areas of dentistry such as periodontal and endodontic work and not just implants.


With CBCT Doses as low as 1.5x an OPG (in low dose mode), with standard full arch scans only 3x the dose of an OPG and the option to reduce the dose further by using the targeted (4cm) sectional scans as well as the 6cm height it means that you will never over scan into radiosensative areas (like Orbits or Thyroid). The Gendex DP-700 offers one of the lowest CBCT doses on the market.

Our Prices

  • 3D/CBCT image £99.00

    3D images provided on disc

  • 2D Panoramic £38.00

    2D images are emailed as standard

We accept dental referrals for this, we return images back to the referring dentists upon completion.



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